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Far Infrared Sauna/Full Body Detox
This Gift Certificate is for a 30 minute Sauna session.
Great as a pre-massage warm-up or as a full body sweat detox.  Far-Infrared heat is a form of naturally occurring energy that directly heats objects by gentle infrared radiation heat.  The FIR waves are tuned to provide high absorption by the human body and deep penetration of the skin. This produces 2-3 times more perspiration than conventional saunas, which heat the skin indirectly through the air.  FIR heat provides all the health benefits of natural sunlight without harmful side effects of solar radiation, such as ultraviolet rays associated with suntans and skin cancer.  Some of the Benefits are:

   *  Burns Calories, Controls Weight, & Reduces Cellulite!
   *  Relieves Pain & Joint Stiffness!
   *  Removes Toxins & Wastes!
   *  Improves Skin Condition, Enhances Skin Tone!
   *  Reduces Stress & Fatigue!
   *  Blood Circulation & Strengthens Cardiovascular System!
   *  Boosts Metabolism and Improves the Immune System!

For more information, go to the Far Infrared Information Page.

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