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Self-Help Resources

Need to Heal your body after trauma, surgery or illness?  Want to Lose Weight, ...Stop Smoking, ...De-Stress after a long day, Improve a Relationship, ...Re-gain Self-Confidence, ...Learn Faster?  Your mind can be a powerful resource to aid you, but many of us have to bypass our critical, self-doubting and judgmental concious mind by speaking directly to our powerful sub-concious.

Check out the self-help resources below.  You will find relaxation and guided imagery CDs, downloadable MP3 hypnosis sessions, software to use your PC as a powerful subliminal messaging tool for self improvement, software and instructions on creating and customising your own subliminal messaging CDs.

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Discover the ULTIMATE Relaxation CDs - Guided Relaxation CDs, Sounds of Nature, and Brainwave CDs. All $24.95, with FREE int'l shipping, FREE screensaver and FREE MP3 version. Learn more >>


over 165 instantly downloadable MP3 hypnosis sessions. From weight loss to memory improvement, phobia release to improved health... there's something for you at Plus, it's 100% GUARANTEED to work... or your money back!
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Self-development is perhaps the most important inner journey you can ever take.  The PlusKits combine several techniques into one CD to help you make that journey.  Click here to learn more >>





Subliminal Messages on your Computer - Influence your mind while you work, with new subliminal messaging software. Click here for more!

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Want to try the world's most powerful subliminal CDs? Then you have to
MAKE YOUR OWN. New guide unveils ALL industry secrets.
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